Tuesday, 15 September 2020

Britain's Beautiful Beaches - Starting with Scotland

Britain’s Beautiful Beaches – Starting with Scotland – don’t mention the Orange Elephant

Dear Readers,

There’s nothing like an unseasonable heatwave to get the creative juices going, is there?! Let’s face it, the weather has been plain odd since the start of the pandemic: sunbathing weather in March; the usual God-awful August when the schools were still off, and now, once our little darlings have gone back, a heatwave graces our hallowed shores once more.

Therefore, at Travel Trends HQ, this got us thinking about our favourite beaches in the UK. It is the ultimate time to visit them for three reasons: 1) no (or few) kids; 2) you won’t freeze; 3) better get in there before we all get locked down again. To get some semblance of order, we’re going to start from the top of the country to the bottom. Now, a little disclaimer here for you: as our seasoned readers are aware, and perhaps our new readers (welcome) are not, we like to take our Travel Trends from actual real-life experiences, as we find that they are not only much more authentic, but, as again, our seasoned (and intrepid) readers are aware, tend to be a lot funnier. Nothing like a bit of humour (or topless moped-riding) to fire up those travel inspired juices.

Ingleside (ref UK5799) in Ballantrae, near Girvan, Ayrshire | cottages.com

We’re going to do a little series on beaches, and in the interests of correct geography, we’re going to do this in country order, so today, we’re starting in Scotland. Not necessarily a place synonymous with sunbathing and beaches, I hear you cry? Well, dear Readers, you’d be wrong! Did you know that Ayrshire is actually in the path of the gulf stream, driving warm air up from the South (insert your choice of joke about a lot of hot air from the South here!)? So guess what! You get some glorious weather here! One of our favourite beaches is at a little place called Girvan, about 10 miles South of Ayr. Here you’ll find lots of sand, some lovely little boats and a traditional seafront.

The 5 best beaches in Ayrshire | HeraldScotland

Also, Ayr itself has a lovely, sandy beach and it’s not that cold! But do you want to hear the best bit? It’s very, very underpopulated, and very, very quiet. You’re kind of sheltered by Northern Ireland and Arran, in what is officially known as the “Firth of Clyde” and it’s just so peaceful and unspoilt. If you fancy a bit of a “walk in the car” take the old Ayr road down from Ayr towards Girvan. It is one of the most scenic coastal roads your Hapless Blogger has ever come across in the UK, and again, so quiet.

Walk 124 – Ayrshire Coastal Path: Girvan -Turnberry – Maidens (10 miles) –  Gillian's Walks 

Head towards Maidens (incidentally, if you’re hungry – and you’ll find a theme going on here, I can absolutely recommend you stop at Wildings http://www.wildingshotel.com/restaurant.html great for fish), and you’ll find Turnberry. Now, as an aside, you know that your Aspiring Blogger likes a nice cappuccino/wine spot and here is one for you: now again, a bit of a disclaimer, because it was a while since I visited, and although the location hasn’t changed the name most certainly has. Unfortunately, dear Readers, once the Turnberry Hotel, is now (cringe) the “Trump Turnberry, a Luxury Collection Resort, Scotland”. I’m so sorry. However, if you’re at all able to get round the orange elephant in the room, it is the most wonderful place to stop (Covid permitting) for a cappuccino in their stunning lounge with unencumbered views of a volcanic plug called “Ailsa Craig.” Honestly, go there (and they give you their out-of-this-world shortbread with your drink – it’s worth braving Trump for that alone!). This whole coastline is outstanding, and as we mentioned before, you won’t be swamped by tourists.

Ailsa Craig – The Glasgow Gallivanter

Keep your eyes peeled for our next foray onto UK beaches in Wales and England!



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