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Thursday, 2 July 2020

Renaissance - Guess Who's Back



Dear Readers,


Guess who’s back…back again!


Well, it’s been interesting, has it not?  And to be honest, your Hapless Blogger didn’t really know what to say to you in light of everyone being in lockdown and completely uncertain of what was going to happen to them.


However, in recent weeks, as lockdown eases, we begin to emerge like little moles into the sunlight (or perhaps sleepy dormice would be a better analogy, since I think moles are blind…) anyhow, you get the idea.  It seems that, as things are starting, just starting to get on the path to being back to normal, whatever the new normal may be, our thoughts are turning once more to travel.  It is therefore appropriate that we reprise our adventures!


So, buckle up, dear Readers, and let’s get going!


As restrictions ease, we’re going to have a look at the latest travel trends for this year, including some informative blog posts on the latest travel advice, including what to wear and what to expect as we begin to spread our wings.


However, let’s not forget what our MO is in the first place, and you’ll have read, hopefully, dear Readers, our blog posts on Space travel, and I think you’ll all agree, that we have a hell of a lot to talk about in terms of a certain Mr Musk!

Elon Musk: SpaceX makes investors believe Tesla will be a success ...

Coming back to earth, we’re going to look in more detail about Staycations, ideas of what you can do at home, and, dare I say it, camping holidays.  However, not camping as we know it, dear Readers, but luxury camping holidays to such exotic locations as France and Corsica:  the idea being, driving rather than flying.  Half of you have probably already been driven mad by children and grandchildren, so let’s look at the likes of Euro Disney and child-friendly holidays that you will all (questionable) enjoy.  Perhaps that’s stretching it a bit, but let’s face it, there’s nothing more educational than travel.  You might even be treated to a re-appearance by Jolly Hockey Sticks, the Hapless Blogger’s rather scathing mothership…

Camping in Corsica


Since you’ll need a holiday after all that parenting/babysitting we’re going to look at beach clubs – down with the kids cool or emperor’s new clothes?  Are beach clubs the reserve of TOWIE (a British reality show for our European readers) or are they somewhere super cool and chilled to hang out?  Here we’ll visit the hot spots of Spain, Mallorca and Corsica:  for those who are new to our blog, we try and keep our posts to personal experience, because we really believe that that is the best way to describe things, and also unearths some funny stories along the way.

Bookings & prices - Ocean Club


Then, being greedy little foodies, we’re going to eat our way round Europe…because why not?  We’re going to look at the best foodie holidays and even learn to make pasta in Italy…how cool is that?

Here's How to Make Pasta Like a Real Italian Nonna | Eatwith Blog ...


We’re also going to look at great rail travel:  from the Flying Scotsman to the Orient Express as we explore different travel trends through the ages to modern day.  Was it better back then?  Was there more glamour?  Or is it better now?

Venice Simplon-Orient-Express - Trailfinders the Travel Experts


Something else we haven’t yet covered in our blog posts is cruising.  Either love it or hate it, it’s an enormous industry with even bigger ships.  So we going to look at options big and small:  from the biggest ships the size of small cities, to sailing your own vessel in shark-infested waters!  Well, possibly not…

Sailing La Vagabonde: Meet sailing's most popular vloggers - CNN


As ever, we welcome all your comments, and we encourage you to check out our social media to get your feedback.  Please, please don’t hesitate to ask any questions and leave your comments, because we love to hear from you.


So for now, dear Readers, welcome back to the land of travel and travel trends.  Fasten your seatbelts and off we go!

Sunday, 2 February 2020

Holidays With Man's Best Friend


Dear Readers,

Here we are again.  It’s Sunday afternoon, and really, the best time to think about holidays and travel, lying on your sofa, dreaming of your next trip.  Picture the scene:  there you are, on your sofa, and guess what?  Lying next to you is your best friend.  Cat or dog (or hamster, rat, gerbil, goldfish…we digress).  You’re thinking of your next trip, when they snuggle into you as if to say; “and me?”  The question is:  can we really leave them behind?  Is it fair?  What are your thoughts, dear Readers?

Until relatively recently, your Hapless Blogger wasn’t a great animal person:  having been brought up with cats, who as we all know are hugely independent, and sometimes grace you with their presence, others, not.  I was forced to take on a dog.  Not just any dog.  A big, very needy dog.  Suddenly poof!  Independence gone!  And since this dog was so needy, kennels was not an option.  And since this dog was so big, neither were relatives.  So what do you do?  Not go on holiday ever again?  Nope, you take them with you.

Today, we’re exploring the options for you and your best friend, be it to remain in the UK (no pun intended) or to take him abroad with you.  Now, dear Readers, a little disclaimer here as your Hapless Blogger isn’t entirely sure on the new rules for pet passports, having just Brexited, but we’ll update the details when we have them.

Let’s stay in the UK for a moment.  Interestingly enough, pet-friendly holidays have grown exponentially over the past few years.  As the demand for more and more pet-friendly accommodation has increased, and with the advent of Air BnB and Home Away (et al) the opportunities for pet-friendly accommodation has grown.  Some of the loveliest options, however, are and have been for a long time, offered by the caravan industry.  Now, dear Readers, we’re not talking about a tin box on Camber Sands anymore, no no, we’re talking about a luxury lodge overlooking a gloriously deserted beach, with a hot tub, watching dolphins.  Pardon me?  I hear you cry.  Yes indeed, and you can bring your dog!  Although I’m not so sure he’d enjoy the hot tub…

Image result for fishguard bay resort

One such place in the UK is Fishguard Bay Resort (www.fishguardbay.com).  Ok, it’s a bit a trek to get there (and don’t forget to plan stops, because as we all know, having a dog is a bit like having a child:  they need loo stops, and often a bit of a walk to stretch their legs).  This place is found in the far reaches of West Wales.  The Fishguard bit gives you a clue, I guess.  However, once there (beware of the narrow lane down to it) you will be glad you traversed the country (just don’t do it on a Bank Holiday weekend).  Honestly, Readers, if you ever wanted to really get away from it all, and take Fido with you, this is the place.  You come round the bend at the top of the lane, and there before you lies the most idyllic site, surrounded as if a peninsular with the bluest sea you’ll ever see from these shores. 

Image result for fishguard bay resort lodges

Once in, if you haven’t experienced one yet, Readers, you have to have a look:   these luxury lodges are something else.  More like luxury apartments, they have wrap-around decking with gates and fencing so that Fido can’t escape, and hot tubs built into them.  In you go to your luxury apartment, where although some argue it’s basically two caravans knocked together, quite frankly, dear Readers, who cares?  It’s beautiful.  Sympathetically designed with the sea in mind, each lodge is dressed just as you would dress your own home by the sea (https://www.therange.co.uk/).  All you need to do for Fido is bring his bedding.

The reason, to be honest, we picked this one to talk about is also the scenery.  One of the objects of bringing Fido with you is to take him, and you, for lovely long walks.  You see, even if it’s just you and Fido, you both benefit hugely from the fresh, sea air and exercise.  It’s right on the Pembrokeshire Coast Path, and from the resort you can walk down to a little beach.  If you’re lucky enough, you’ll see dolphins right from your lodge.  What a sight to see them frolicking in their natural environment.  Fortunately, following the theme of dog-friendly holidays, you’ll find this whole area geared up to such.  Apart from High Season, the beaches are all dog-friendly (in High Season, you can take them to either end), quiet and clean.  If you really want to treat Fido, you can take him for a doggy ice-cream (dog friendly, not dog-flavoured, clearly).  You’ll find beautiful ice-cream parlours all over the vicinity, thanks to the close Welsh-Italian roots.  For a Monday to Friday in May you’re looking at about £350.

Image result for aberdunant hall

Another great spot is Aberdunant Hall (www.aberdunant.com).  This is just a bit further up the country, towards the picturesque Porthmadog in North Wales.  The owners are dog-lovers themselves, and actively encourage dog-loving owners and visitors to the site.  The place itself is out of this world, with the most beautiful restaurant and excellent food.  It is an excellent base for all those magnificent dog-walks to be found in North Wales, along with the most magnificent beaches.   As their blog points out, especially going on holiday with your best friend, it really is much easier to say in the UK, not just because your best friend might get stressed out with the travelling and possibly quarantine, but also because he needs his suitcase too, and it’s a lot easier to just bung it all in the car!  For a Monday to Friday in May you’re looking at about £378.

If you didn’t fancy Wales, but still wanted a beautiful beach for you and your best friend to enjoy, then why not pop to Par Sands in Cornwall (www.parkleisureholidays.co.uk)?  This real treat of a location has the aforementioned luxury lodges, and is right on a beautiful, quiet, Cornish sandy beach.  Indeed, those Daphne Du Maurier fans will relish the fact that several of her books were based in this area, as she stayed for a large period of her life on the Menabilly estate, and this is where she took inspiration for probably one of her most famous:  Rebecca, and one of your Hapless Blogger’s favourites, My Cousin Rachel. The beach is utterly dog-friendly and simply ideal.  If you wanted to stay there with your best friend Monday to Friday in May, you’re looking at about £280.

However, the time has come, dear Readers, to leave these fair shores.  Now, as we mentioned earlier, we’re going to have to put a little disclaimer on this one, as we don’t know what’s going to happen in terms of pet passports but for the moment, it’s been very easy to apply for one.  You even have to take his picture bless him.  For the interests of stress-levels, we’re not suggesting you take him on a plane.  As a dog-lover myself (now) dear Readers, it’s not fair, I don’t think, unless you really have to, to put him through sitting in a cage in the hold of a plane.  For UK airlines, unless they are a guide dog, they can’t sit with you and I don’t know about yours, but mine has separation anxiety and screams the place down when left alone, so all I can imagine him doing is screaming his way over the Atlantic or wherever, and that would be no fun for anyone.  Having said that, there are times when you need to transport your pet on an aeroplane, and during the course of our research, we came across a company called PetAir (www.petair.com) who will do everything for you, including collecting your pet from your home, booking his flights, sorting his documentation, taking him to the airport and checking him in, making sure he’s safe in his custom carrier in the hold and ensuring his safe passage the other side.  However, dear Readers, things can happen, so as another disclaimer, I would say only if you’re moving, not just for a holiday.

Image result for dog on ferry

However, once you have got his passport, when not leap in the car and nip on the Eurotunnel or ferry to Europe?  What fun!  Although mark you, on ferry journeys (apart from www.balearia.com) you still have to house him in kennels if it’s overnight, so for very sensitive friends, it’s still better to either take a short trip from say Dover to Calais, or to drive).  Your Hapless Blogger’s best friends take their best friend skiing every year, driving through France to Switzerland.  Another wonderful way to holiday with your best friend, without traumatising him or leaving him behind.

To summarise?  With such lovely choice in the UK, perhaps it’s less stressful for your best friend (and you) to staycation?  Although, from personal experience, taking your dog to Europe is as rewarding for you as it is for him.