Monday, 30 December 2019

Last Blog Post of 2019 - Looking Back and Looking Forward



Dear Readers,


Finishing the year as we meant to start it, in open-letter style, we reflect back on our year of blog posts.  First and foremost, we want to thank you for reading them!  Did we achieve our goal?  Did we entertain you?  Did you learn something? 


What we wanted to do was to introduce you not only to new places, but new experiences.  Visiting different countries isn’t just about the place as it were, and the monuments or cultural things to see there, but also about the experience.  We hope, dear Readers, that we have brought you a flavour of these places and we hope, from the comfort of your armchair we transported you somewhat into the vibrancy and essence of the wonderful countries we, together, have visited over the past year.


Did we meet our brief?  Did we explore “Travel Trends”?  Did you participate?  Thank you to those who did.

To recap briefly, for the benefit of those who haven’t had the time to read them all, we started off with the dreaded package holiday to Corsica of all unlikely places and we looked at Corsica as a destination in its own right, concluding that it's a very trendy and very chic place to go!


Then we looked at the most bonkers place we could think of for a Travel Trend:  Space.  Something we hope you enjoyed were the tunes we suggested you played whilst reading the post…we should have carried that theme on, if you liked it, and added more tunes in our following posts, so note to self for next year:  add relevant tunes in so readers can play them whilst reading!  Music really brings places to life, so perhaps that would be helpful, would it not, dear Readers?  We took you to Space and we examined the different options, coming to the conclusion that in all fairness, when you think of going into Space you think of actually going into Space, not just the upper layers of the atmosphere.  Having said that, Virgin Galactic continues to make strides.


Then we launched you into our backpacking series.  I really hope you enjoyed going round the world with us on a shoestring:  it was all true.  Nothing like, as a Blogger, being able to speak from direct experience.  I think it makes it far more real, and really, riding half way around the main island in the Cook Islands topless on a moped, well, you couldn’t make it up, could you?! 


We investigated various dos and don’ts when abroad, and also words that mean something very different in different languages…fanny pack, anyone?!


We looked at the ever increasing travel trend of themed travel…Game of Thrones was a good one to start, and we intend to investigate that travel trend further into 2020.


Then we went far-flung again, this time to Indonesia, looking at how you can successfully go there on a shoestring or in the last word of luxury and what did we conclude?  That you got a far more authentic experience on a shoestring, but, wow, what places you can go to in the lap of luxury, too.


We went on a beach holiday in the Gambia and safari in Senegal, getting all serious for a second on the real world poverty we saw there.  This is what I mean about real experiences, dear Readers, because how else would you be able to give a flavour of these places, the vibrancy, the colours, the people and yes, in Senegal especially, the poverty.

We looked at driving holidays and the trend of solo travel, which is becoming ever more popular, and we will certainly be looking at it much more in-depth in 2020.  Solo travel is one of the most fulfilling and enrichening experiences one could have, I hope you got that.


Thinking about keeping the children occupied in the summer holidays, we looked at “Grand Days Out” a la Wallace and Gromit, and we went to castles all over the UK, as well as London.  Nothing like a bit of personal experience to visit the “real” London, too!


We looked at eco-tourism, again, a massive travel trend that is only set to get bigger, and found out all sorts of exciting facts and tours we can go on.


We then went all spiritual, looking at the luxury, the pious and the just plain weird spiritual retreats, eventually coming to the conclusion that the cheapest ones were the most authentic…still dead set about going on the Greek Goddess one, don’t know about you?!

Really weird places to stay was another one, and the ones that suck in my head certainly were the tree houses in Sweden and the bed that wheeled out under the stars in the Loisaba Wilderness in Kenya with two Maasi warriors to guard you in case anything comes to try and eat you…

Image result for bath thermae spa


Usual city breaks in the UK came straight from the heart, I love these places, and with our top tips, we hope you will, too.


Then we went far-flung once more, to the luxury of Barbados in the Caribbean in search of winter sun, and then, less expensive but equally as hot, we went to the Canaries and Gran Canaria in particular, extolling, once again, the virtues of not where you are precisely, but the experiences you have and the people you’re with that make it a real travel trend to remember.


We also went skiing…again, more on that next year.


Lastly, we looked at different Christmas traditions across the world and really how different they can be.


Not forgetting, of course, our wing-men (or women) characters who have participated:  Jolly Hockey Sticks (the Hapless Blogger’s posh mother) and Daddy (well, Daddy).


There we are, dear Readers.  Have we achieved our goal?  Have you learnt a lot?  We certainly have…and we look forward to sharing more and more experiences with you again, next year.  Transporting you off your sofa or sun lounger into travel trends old and new.


Thank you for reading.  We wish you a happy and healthy New Year!


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